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Welcome to our roundup of the best bar height kitchen tables! If you’re planning to update your kitchen or dining area, look no further. We’ve gathered a selection of stylish and functional tables that will perfectly fit the bar height trend, while making sure you have plenty of room for wine and casual dining. Get ready to transform your space with ease!

The Top 10 Best Bar Heights Kitchen Tables

  1. AWQM Counter-Height Kitchen Island Bar Table with Storage and Seating — 3 Piece Set — Upgrade your dining experience with the AWQM Kitchen Island with Seating — a stylish and functional bar table set perfect for small spaces and casual gatherings.
  2. 42" Sintered Stone Counter Height Bar Table — Experience ultimate comfort and durability with this 42" tall pub table, featuring waterproof sintered stone top, 6 on Mohs scale, heat-resistant surface, and compact design, ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.
  3. HOMCOM Grey Counter Height Bar Table & Chairs 5-Piece Set — Enjoy a stylish and functional dining spot with the HOMCOM 5-Piece Counter Height Bar Table and Chairs Set — Grey, perfect for family gatherings or casual entertaining, while its durable MDF top and stable metal frame offer easy cleaning and support.
  4. Horne West Elm Counter Height Blonde on Red Oak Dining Table — Introducing the Horne Bar Height Communal Dining Table by West Elm, featuring a sturdy solid hardwood top and adjustable levelers, perfect for both residential and commercial use, backed by a durable Antique Bronze finish.
  5. Industrial High Bar Dining Table — Retro and Eco-Friendly — Elevate your dining experience with the VEIKOUS 47" Industrial High Bar Dining Table, offering a stylish and eco-friendly design in a spacious and versatile package.
  6. Giantex Modern Counter Height Pub Table with Metal Frame — Elevate your living space with the Giantex Counter Height Pub Table, offering style, functionality, and the perfect addition to your home bar.
  7. Slim and Stable Kitchen Dining Table — Metal Frame, Rustic Brown Finish, Ideal for Small Spaces — Experience a sturdy and stylish dining solution with the VASAGLE Narrow Long Bar, perfect for small spaces and easy assembly.
  8. Kendall EQ3 Custom Bar Table — Elegant design and customization come together in the Kendall Custom Bar Table, perfect for modern homes and effortlessly adapting to various stylistic needs.
  9. Bar Height Solid Wood Dining Table with Open Shelf and Brown Finish — Bring warmth and comfort to your dining experience with the rustic Brightling Bar Height 36" Solid Wood Dining Table, combining modern farmhouse style and practicality in one stunning piece.
  10. Brushed Metal and Birch Veneer Counter Height Dining Set by Steve Silver — Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Steve Silver Adele Counter Height Dining Set, bringing elegance to any space.

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AWQM Counter-Height Kitchen Island Bar Table with Storage and Seating — 3 Piece Set


Introducing the AWQM Kitchen Island with Seating, an elegant addition to any small space. With its sleek counter-height table and storage-friendly design, this dining set effortlessly combines functionality and style. The high-quality marble and MDF board table top, supported by sturdy steel legs, can withstand daily use and is easy to clean, while the industrial bar table set comes in a simple yet stylish design, perfect for a variety of settings.

It’s the ideal solution for small apartments, studio spaces, or entryways, with two bar stools and the option to tuck the table away when not in use.

42" Sintered Stone Counter Height Bar Table


This stylish 42-inch tall pub square bar table is adorned with a glossy white sintered stone-top design, providing an effortless and practical dining experience. Its waterproof capabilities and upscale textures enhance its durability and ease of cleaning.

The 1.4-inch x 1.4-inch steel legs offer stability, making it an ideal fit for tall individuals and a perfect addition to any patio or pool area. Its compact design, with dimensions measuring 27.55 inches by 41.4 inches, makes it an excellent choice for small bar spaces or limited room options. The black-painted X-shape structure supports stacking of pub chairs beneath, and the sturdy cold-rolled steel frame ensures longevity.

The sintered stone-top is scratch and stain resistant, as well as being heat resistant up to 1200°C, enabling contact with hot cookers. Adjustable foot pads allow for leveling on uneven floors, and the easy assembly process adds to the overall satisfaction with this high-quality counter height dining table.

HOMCOM Grey Counter Height Bar Table & Chairs 5-Piece Set


The HOMCOM 5-Piece Counter Height Bar Table and Chairs Set in Grey offers a charming dining solution for your home. Perfect for sharing casual meals with your loved ones, this set exudes a cozy and industrial vibe, fitting seamlessly into any room that requires extra seating. The table and stools are easy to assemble and the MDF top, coupled with a sturdy metal frame, ensures durability and hassle-free cleaning.

The set comes equipped with adjustable foot pads that protect your floors from scratches and enhance stability. With its sleek design, this HOMCOM set is a must-have accessory to complete your living space.

Horne West Elm Counter Height Blonde on Red Oak Dining Table


Introducing the Horne Bar Height Communal Dining Table from West Elm, a stylish and versatile piece perfect for any dining space. This table boasts a beautiful blend of blonde and red oak, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The top, crafted from solid hardwood, is treated with a conversion varnish-based polyurethane finish for exceptional durability and resistance to stains and abrasion. The solid wood can even be refinished, ensuring long-lasting beauty. The sturdy iron base, featuring an antique bronze powder-coated finish, also caters to varying floor levels with its adjustable levelers.

While this table doesn’t come with a power option, it’s not a huge drawback, considering its commercial-grade quality. The Horne Bar Height Communal Dining Table is a solid, reliable choice for both residential and professional settings. Its classic design pairs well with a variety of decor styles, making it a great addition to any room.

Industrial High Bar Dining Table — Retro and Eco-Friendly


The VEIKOUS 47" Retro Industrial High Bar Dining Table is an impressive addition to any dining or workspace area. With its spacious design, the table boasts comfort and style while maintaining durability due to its high-quality and eco-friendly materials. One of the top features is its adjustable footpads, ensuring it remains sturdy, even during daily use.

The table’s engineered wood top combined with the stylish industrial-inspired metal frame has impressed users, who have praised its ease of assembly and sturdy build. Reviewers have also noted its versatility as it is perfect for dining, working, or hosting parties.

Giantex Modern Counter Height Pub Table with Metal Frame


My recent experience with Giantex pub table has been quite enjoyable. The table provides a modern and sleek look with its black finish, which easily blends in with my living room’s decor. Its industrial design, complete with the sturdy metal frame and engineered wood top, seems both stylish and practical.

One of the highlights, in my opinion, was the versatility the table offered. The three open shelves allowed me to place my glasses, snacks, and books, giving me enough room to accommodate all my needs. The spacious leg room design even allowed me to place my old barstool comfortably when needed.

Although assembly was somewhat of a challenge due to the screws being hard to start, I eventually managed to get it done. I highly recommend getting someone to help if you’re not comfortable with DIY projects.

One concern, however, was that one of the reviews mentioned missing parts. This was a bit concerning, and it’s something that the manufacturer should address.

Overall, the Giantex pub table serves as a great addition to my living space, offering both functionality and style. While some minor drawbacks exist, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for those in search of a modern and practical dining solution.

Slim and Stable Kitchen Dining Table — Metal Frame, Rustic Brown Finish, Ideal for Small Spaces


Bring a touch of industrial charm to your dining space with the VASAGLE Narrow Long Bar. Perfectly suited for small corners or cozy nooks, its rustic brown finish and smooth design add warmth and character to any setting. Supported by durable 1" x 1" thick metal legs and 0.8" x 1.6" thick stretcher bars, this table offers a stable and solid surface for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

And with an easy 10-minute assembly, you’ll have more time to enjoy your meals with loved ones.

Kendall EQ3 Custom Bar Table


I recently added the EQ3 Kendall Custom Bar Table to my living space, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The customization options make it easy to find the perfect fit for my home. The 1.5" thick board on frame construction, laminated in American white oak veneer, and 1" solid Italian Carrara marble with a matte finish are a delight to the eyes, creating a stunning visual appeal.

However, the process of putting it together wasn’t as smooth sailing. The heavy marble top required professional-grade suction cups for proper assembly. This isn’t a big concern, but it’s something to consider before making a purchase.

The craftsmanship of the table is evident in its design and construction. The base, available in black powder coated metal or stainless steel, provides a sturdy foundation for the marble. The marble remains unsealed, adding to its natural beauty.

Considering the reviews and my personal experience, I’d highly recommend the EQ3 Kendall Custom Bar Table for its visual appeal and fine craftsmanship, even though assembly might be a bit challenging.

Bar Height Solid Wood Dining Table with Open Shelf and Brown Finish


I recently discovered this charming, bar-height dining table from the Brightling collection. The solid wood construction and engineered wood frame create a modern farmhouse look that perfectly suits my kitchen. Its wire-brushed brown finish, combined with the wood scoring and rub-through, adds a touch of rustic charm to any dining area.

One unique feature of this table is its open shelf on the bottom, which provides a convenient place for storing table linens and baskets. This detail not only makes the table versatile but also adds to its overall appeal. The size, large enough for seating up to six guests, makes it perfect for casual gatherings and holiday dinners.

However, I noticed that natural wood grain color variation might be a concern for some users. Although I personally appreciate the unique look it adds to my table, it could be an issue for those looking for a uniform, pristine appearance. Despite that, the Brightling Bar Height Dining Table is a robust and stylish addition to any kitchen, offering both practicality and a touch of old-world charm.

Brushed Metal and Birch Veneer Counter Height Dining Set by Steve Silver


I recently had the pleasure of using the Adele 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set — AE3605PC from Steve Silver. The moment I saw the stylish design of the set, I knew it was going to add a touch of elegance and comfort to my dining area. The counter table was a perfect addition, with its decorative arched metal frame and veneer table top. The table featured a spacious design that could comfortably seat four people.

The counter stools complemented the table beautifully. With their hand-tooled metal bases and veneer seats, they added a cohesive and chic vibe to the overall setup. The set was easy to assemble, and it required minimal tools for installation. However, I noticed that the metal frame of the table was slightly more susceptible to scratches than I would have preferred.

Overall, the Adele 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set — AE3605PC from Steve Silver is a beautiful and functional addition to any dining area. With its sleek design and durable materials, it’s a piece that will stand the test of time and provide an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Buyer’s Guide

An elevated kitchen table equipped with a bar height provides an alluring touch to your culinary realm, making it an ideal setting for rapid meals or intimate gatherings with buddies. The wide array of choices available might leave you bewildered in picking the one that meets your needs best. This comprehensive buyers’ guide delves into the crucial aspects, factors to ponder, and expert counsel required to select the ultimate Bar Height Kitchen Table.

Seating Capacity

The prime aspect to take into account is the seating capacity of the table. It is essential it accommodates the expected number of individuals comfortably without squeezing them. For families or those who frequently host guests, opting for a table with sufficient space or adjustable leaves may be an excellent idea. Conversely, for those with restricted space, a more compact design may be suitable.

Materials and Construction

Bar Height Kitchen Tables can be composed of various materials like wood, metal, and glass. Wooden tables exude warmth and comfort, while metallic ones are modern and robust. Glass tables give the appearance of increased space and are effortless to clean. Consider the material’s durability, maintenance ease, and the aesthetic you desire when selecting a table.

Design and Style

The table’s design and style should harmonize with your existing kitchen’s décor. Wooden tables offer a natural, cozy ambiance, while metallic or glass tables present a more contemporary vibe. Some tables may include built-in storage or bar shelves, offering additional functionality. Take into account the design and style of your kitchen and the overall aesthetic you aspire to.

Size and Dimensions

Verify that the table you choose fits seamlessly into your kitchen area. The size and dimensions of the table depend on the available space and the required seating capacity. Meticulously measure your kitchen area, noting the table’s height, width, and length. Some tables feature adjustable legs, a helpful feature if you’re uncertain about the permanent placement of the table.


Why is a bar height kitchen table different from a regular height one?

Although both kitchen tables can stand at various heights, bar height tables are considerably taller in comparison to standard dining tables. This design caters specifically to the comfort of guests while they enjoy snacks and beverages in a cozy kitchen environment. With heights ranging from 36 to 42 inches, bar height tables offer ample space for guests to unwind and spend quality time together.

Despite their taller stature, bar height tables are often more compact than standard height tables. This feature makes them an ideal choice for small kitchens or apartments where conserving space is crucial. Moreover, utilizing bar height tables allows for a more informal seating arrangement when guests gather in the kitchen. They can fit both bar stools and chairs with adjustable heights comfortably.

Common materials for bar height kitchen tables?

Bar height kitchen tables are made from various materials, including wood, metal, and glass. Oak, pine, and other solid wood options are highly sought after for their natural appearance and strength. Wooden tables can be stained or painted to suit your desired aesthetic.

Metal tables offer a sleek, modern appeal, and are convenient for cleaning and maintaining. Some metal tables even feature a coat of paint for added safety. Dark metal finishes exude an industrial vibe.

Are there collapsible or extendable bar height kitchen tables?

Absolutely! Some bar height tables have foldable legs, which makes storage convenient and hassle-free when not in use. Extendable tables can be expanded or contracted to cater to various numbers of guests, creating more usable space in the kitchen. Bar height tables made from wood, metal, or glass can be found in various styles such as rustic, modern, or contemporary. Always double-check the dimensions when collapsed or extended to ensure proper fit for your kitchen layout.

Adjustable bar stools or chairs can also be used alongside bar height tables, allowing guests to switch between sitting and standing positions with ease. It’s essential to select stools and chairs with height adjustments for optimal comfort and convenience while enjoying a meal or engaging in conversations.

Design aspects to consider for bar height kitchen tables?

When searching for a bar height kitchen table, consider the design of your kitchen. Rustic wooden tables will complement traditional kitchens, while sleek metal tables offer an elegant touch to modern kitchens. Colors and finishes play a vital role in creating a coherent look within your kitchen space.

The tabletop should be substantial enough to accommodate all seated guests comfortably. Be mindful of the available space in your kitchen and opt for a table that doesn’t overwhelm or cramp the rest of the area. Consistency in design is also a key factor when integrating a bar height table into your kitchen decor.

Cleaning and maintaining a bar height kitchen table?

A bar height kitchen table is often used frequently and requires proper care to ensure its longevity. For wooden tables, promptly wipe up any spills or stains to prevent damage or unsightly marks. Dusting, polishing, and applying a wooden treatment product will maintain the table’s finish over time. Metal tables require attention when removing loose particles or stains with a mild solution and a damp cloth. Ensure the surface is thoroughly dried to prevent rust formation.

Glass tabletops need to be carefully cleaned to remove smudges, food residue, or stains. A mild detergent and warm water solution should suffice. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools, as they can scar the glass. Dry the glass with a soft microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish.

As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn through qualifying purchases